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Nov 2, 2012 4:25am EDT
our community today. it also puts our community at ease. especially our law enforcement community. >> more than 30 law enforcement officers and 50 agent from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and fire arms were involved in tracking stewart down and capturing him. he'll be extradited back to virginia to face numerous charges. >> the public responded and our law enforcement partners rose to the challenge and took this predator off the street. >> investigators say stewart maintained a website and apparently used it to taunt police who were looking for him. >>> an update now to several violent attacks in the district. police have arrested two more men in connection with the eastern market beating that left a man severely beaten. police believe the group is linked to at least nine separate attacks. >>> four days until election day and president obama is making up for the lull in campaigning because of the superstorm. the president was back on the campaign trail yesterday making appearances in wisconsin, nevada and boulder, colorado. tomorrow the president will be in manassas and will get
Oct 29, 2012 4:25am EDT
money has to go to education. it's the law. so vote for question seven. so we can stop spending all that money here, and keep maryland money in classrooms like mine. >>> welcome back. right now, we are taking a live look here in ocean city, maryland where you can see the -- well being look at the waves. they are starting to kick up right now. tropical storm-force winds is what tucker is telling us right now. things are expected to deteriorate throughout the rest of the morning hours. you heard lauren mention earlier, lauren demarco is live out there for us, keeping an eye on things, she was talking about how they had mandatory evacuations but there were still people who did decide to stay behind. unfortunately, we were hearing from police at some point, they're going to evacuate -- or take the emergency responders off the roadways. so anyone that does decide to stay out there, you're kind of on your own at that point. 50-mile per hour winds sustained is what police say at that point that they would pull their emergency responders off the roads. so at that point, they would not be ab
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2